Virtue Attribute

Virtue Attribute

Virtue can be obtained upon reaching Torment 1. You can get them by upgrading a 5 Star equips from angel tears. You get angel tears by killing the field boss in torment (Fallen Angel Gabriel).

You need 2/4/6 set of the same virtue on an equipment for the virtue to be activated, you can have up to 3 different active virtues, or you can stack 1 or 2 virtues on all your equipment to make them stronger.

There are five virtues:

  • Devotion: Upon being attacked there’s 2/4/6% chance to become invincible for 1 second.
  • Justice: Increased damage to monsters by 10/20/30%
  • Mercy: Drastically increase attack damage by 50% when health falls below 10/20/30%
  • Glory: When dealt a fatal blow, there’s 10/20/30% chance to recover 25% of Hp
  • Honor: During pvp damage taken is reduced.l by 8/16/24%

Virtues can be assigned to each piece of equipment by upgrading them. If all the pieces of equipment’s virtues are synchronized it will activate a Set Attribute.


Credits: Ap Ticks