Training Ground

Training Ground ~ Hamusa

To use this construction you need to rise your difficulty to normal first, so 2 of your hunters already being reincarnated, but the rest are still not right? In the end they would have to fight the monsters with normal difficulty too…

But the answer is no. This is where they’re refuse to fight because the monsters still too strong for them and they gonna asking you to train them at Training Ground.

To train them, first you need to produce a tactic book for each hunter. For every single hunter you train, their level will rise about 40 and it’s gonna takes times depends on what Training Ground Lvls are.

  • 30 Minutes For Lv 1
  • 20 Minutes For Lv 2
  • 10 Minutes For Lv 3

Everytime you rising the difficulty, they also would repeat this process, again and again.