Secret Books

Secret Books

Upgrade your house to max, keep your hunters in town at least 1 lower than the cap. This will make random hunter come to your town every 10 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

If your town was full, you need to wait for 60 minutes, after that it would all be 10m
If your town was 15 out of 16. By using this method you will get more book every 10 minutes.

How much you gonna get for each tier hunter:
Normal : 2 Books
Rare : 4 Books
Superior : 8 Books
Heroic : 16 Books
Legendary : 32 Books

Colosseum also drop books when you win, but it is random, and it give only 1 book.

To get a secret tech up to 100, you will need 375 books.


credits: Ahihiz

Hi, just wanted to know more about this. Will this work regardless of the hunter’s level that’s kept in town?

Yes, it will work regardless of the level of the hunters in your town.

I’m not getting any new hunters when I put one of my hunters in Forced Wait mode in town :confused:

Whether or not a hunter is in Forced Wait mode as nothing to do with this tip. You’ll need -1 less hunters than your max capacity to use this tip.

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How do you keep it at one under cap? Doesn’t that mean that every time some new hunter comes in, they automatically enter the town so it’ll be capped and the wait time for new hunters won’t be 10mins? I currently have 15/16 hunters but every time a new hunter comes in and I banish them, the wait time for the new hunter is still 1 hour. Does that mean we should always keep 2 slots open?

Decided to test this. Yes you need to keep -2 hunters for the timer to stay at 10 minute hunter arrival intervals