Optimal PVP Guide

Optimal PVP Guide ~ honeyjellylemonbunny

Results are from light testing and will be improved in the future.

  • Virtues are your friends. I got mine from Torment boss.
  • Try to upgrade your equipment. +10, +15, and +20 are major milestones with exponential buffs.
  • Do your dungeons! You get dungeon bonus which add to stats (+0.5% attack and defense for each floor). Also try to fill up key secret training skills. Focus Def/Eva for tanker and Crit/Att/AS for DPS.

I tested 4 different primal weapons. One with 10% chance to turn into Demon Form (Paladin), one with 12% chance to stun (Berserker), the other with Evasion skill lvl 1 (Paladin). And the primal bow for my Ranger did not have skill options.

So far, Demon Form (+30% attack and increase speed for 5 seconds) seems way too OP. It gave my paladin 8.9m DPS, turning him into a lethal carry tanker/dps. For the 2v2 battles, you are restricted to one from each class.

As such, you cannot stack 2 Berserkers/ 2 Paladins. I tried Evasion Paladin + DPS and DPS Paladin + DPS, and found though my Evasion Paladin can have up to 70%+ Eva, I would still lose most of the time! Thus, for PVP, I recommend tanker carry instead of pure tank role.

Next, for the DPS, though my Ranger is 3.9m DPS while Berzerker is only 2m+, I am consistently winning with Berzerker instead. I believe with Rage and Fury 0.25 AS, Berzerker has a chain stunning role that annihilates the opponent. As such, I feel we should build towards utility instead of pure damage.

This is a tough one as the materials are so scarce. I found full honor (reduce PVP damage received) to be good, but you should NOT stack it. Rather, a combination method seems to work more optimally. I use devotion (% chance to become invincible for 1sec) and honor, and seems to win matches again.

For other roles, I am still testing it. Berzerker with Honor and Mercy (increase damage by 50% at low HP) seem to be a better option, as I lost consistently to bots/hackers/devs (?) with pure honor combination. For Rangers, I doubt they will survive if your front line dies. Thus just go for straight up DPS multipliers. The only one is Mercy.

Berserker: I have tested Deathcoil and while the damage is high, going back to my original point above, DPS doesnt win you PVP fights. I am getting chain stunned by Dualist and im beginning to think dualist maybe the true PVE and PVP class. Only exception would be maybe if you get your hands on the OP PVP weapon, since those ignores defence. A single pro for Deathcoil would probably end the Paladin. Until that day comes, stick with Dualist. Thus dualist wins

I feel both crusader and silver weapons are good. It depends on your paladin type. If you have troubles with statuses, go crusader. The status immunity is awesome for PVP. But then again, I like dps paladins. Thus I am going for both classes with my 2 different paladins. Depends on your role and playstyle both are fine

While hawkeye’s AOE may seem good for 5v5, it is actually bad. In pvp, you wanna focus one unit down, since the dps/tank reduce significantly with each fallen foe. Just go sniper. sniper

This is a hard one. I tried the petrify and it seems a bit underwhelming. Sure the DPS is high and the lock down is good, but my DPS rushed past my petrified paladin and started smacking the mage. I feel blizzard provides more control since its multiple units and slows their DPS. Remember, sorcerer should be built like a disruptor. Thus blizzard seems slightly better.

. Other Important Points to Note:
Max Evasion seems to be 63%, with Nimble characteristic. If you already exceeds this threshold, try to divert resources to other stats.
Max attack speed is still at 0.25.
Other stats do not seem to have an upper limit, though you might also want to stack “% chance to reduce damage by 25%”