New At Torment 2?

New At Torment 2?

There are a lot of people asking me to make a tips for Torment 2, this tips applied to every hunters on the village.

1). First of all, you gonna need Attack Speed around 0.40 - 0.25 ASPD.

2). Second is Defence, you must have around 600K - 800K+ Def to be able to hold some mobs, you might able to hold like 5 - 8 monsters or more, but it also depends on your Lifesteal, Attack Speed and Attack.

450K - 600K+ Defense also possible in Torment 2 if you have good Attack Speed and good Attack and I can assure you that, you can hold 2 or 3 monsters at a time.

3). Third Attack! So, how muck Attack you gonna need? 450K+ Attack can be considered as good damage, but it also depends on your Attack Speed and Defence.

4). Lifesteal, you must have Lifesteal even though its only 15-20%. But, again it depends on your Attack, Attack Speed/Defence.

5). Berserk and Ranger are the best hunter you gonna need in Torment 2 if you are new. Of course we can also count the Sorcerer and Paladin, but you need to have a good Defense/Attack/Attack Speed/and bit of Life Steal.

6). Over all, everything is needed, Attack Speed/Defense/Attack/Life Steal! its just all about the way you build our own hunters. Remember, every class is usefull, its just all about the way you build them. Probably most of us thinks Berserker is the best char? Yes aren’t we? Because of what? They can farm and dealt good damage right? Am I right? I’ll tell you this. THERE’S NO BEST CLASS, it just depends on how you built your hunters, OP Berserker are weak when facing OP Sorcerer, remember that.

1). 700K+ Damage/DPS
2). 600K+ Defense
3). 0.35 - 0.25 Maxed Attack Speed
4). 15 - 20% Lifesteal
Those are recommended stats to any hunter, you must Include those 4. Or else you can’t survive, without having any of those 2 on your hunters


Credits: Rex200127