New At Torment 1?

New At Torment 1?

1). If you are going to Torment 1, you should have 300k+ Def to stay alive.
2). You should have a fully Supreme Gears of Nightmare (atleast +12 ~ +15 up).
3). Atleast you have fully Supreme Gears Of Nightmare carried by your 10-16 hunters so it will be easy kill.
4). The most important and helpful advice that you should get is to rise your Skill Traits called ‘Stone Skin’, if you maxed it out you will received 30% DEF at level 5 and imagine how helpful it is. You can reset your skill traits later, when your have enough gears on.

  • Remember In T1, Defense is the most important thing, damage will be carried by your 16 hunters, and depends to your build.


Credits: Rex200127

Para torment 1 A los Rangers y magos también se le sube el rasgo “Piel de piedra” , o solo a los paladines y berserkers ?