Max Attack Speed

Max Attack Speed
Hard Way ~

Every class has different basic stats, so if you find your hunters already on max attack speed (0.25 or 4 hit in 1 second), you can try to focus on another stats.

Stat Colors (Attack Speed)
Blue : +10%
Orrange : +20%
Purple : +30%

Characteristic (Attack Speed Related)
Swift : +10%
Heroic : +7%

Secret Book (Attack Speed)
AS100 : +10%

Guild Buff (Attack Speed)
G1 : 1%

G5 : +5%

Traits (Quiken - Attack Speed)
Q1 : +1.1x

Q5 : +1.5x

So this is how its gonna work, look at the picture below for further information about required Weapon and Quiken Lv. This only applied if you already calculate your hunter total % Attack Speed manually, then matching it to them (Weapon and Quiken Lv) to get Max Attack Speed.

credits: KORHari

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