Mana Essence Explained

Mana Essence ~ Hamusa

So what’s it is this Mana Essence?

Well, It’s the only thing you would get if you choose to dismantle your materials, but how to use it?

To use it you have go to shop to exchange it with Random Chest, and it’s gonna cost you 300 of them. Also its limited 5 times a day, so make sure you buy em all before reset happens.

And what inside Random Chest? There’s lot things you can get.

  • Golds
  • Exp and Drop Bonus Scrolls
  • Invitation Roll
  • Ores
  • Class Change
  • Equipments (Helmet)
  • Costumes
  • Etc.

The best material for you to dismantle to get this mana essence is Phoenix Feather, you can get it at Dungeon Raid and Colosseum, so good luck.


You can get this little fire looking ball at all of the 3 fields, there’s only 1 elemental showing everytime, they are unlimited, so you should pay attention to small moving and glowing object if you looking for them. 3000 is the maximum elementals you can collect at the moment.

There are 3 colors for each elementals, and each of them giving you different value.

  • Green = 25 (Common)
  • Purple = 100 (Rare)
  • Orange = 1000 (Ultimate)

You can use your 800 elementals to exchange it with 1 of 3 different chests at Shop, my suggestion is you should pick the hunter roll chest, because that’s the only chest that worth from 3 of them.

Don’t forget to watch bonus ads every 4 hours to get free 1000 elementals, and the hunter rolls you gonna get from hunter roll chest also random, so good luck.


  • You can farm 1 hunter every 3-5 minutes if you focused on looking for elementals.
  • Everytime you are offline, you get free elementals.