Making Guild Features Efficient

Making Guild Features Efficient

  • First and the most important is to Maxed Out your “Basic” (Number Of People).

  • Second is to max your guild features called Attack Speed! Why Attack Speed? Because were having lack of Attack Speed to our Ranger, Paladin or Sorcerer. Thats why we felt Berserker are the most OP hunter. They have skill called “Fury” that makes their attack speed x4 of its real attack speed. But what if our Ranger, Paladin or Sorcerer has it too? they will compete to Berserker.

  • Third, Its up to you what will the next features that you will upgrade after having Basic and Attack Speed. My suggestion is Defence, why? because you gonna need those Defence for Torment mobs later.

  • Last one, Unity, without unity your guild can’t achieve those tips above. What I mean to word “Unity” is, to communicate/help your members, and most important is to participate on donation to your guild.

Credits: Rex200127