Hunter Characteristics Explained

What does the characteristic with the hunters’ name mean?

Every hunter comes with a characteristic which can be randomly changed by a green Random Characteristic Elixir. There are a total of 33 characteristics, with 14 positive, 11 negative, and 8 relatively neutral.

Strong: Attack +10%
Fast Runner: Running speed +10%
Swift: Attack speed +10%
Careless: Sell inventory 20% cheaper
Charismatic: party abilities +5% in dungeons & coliseums
Energetic: Stamina consumed -20%
Skinny: Hunger consumption -20%
Optimistic: Mood consumed -20%
Heroic: attack speed & power +7%, movement speed +7%
Rich: 20% more gold when hunting
Gambler: “Strengthening success rate +5%”
Man Of Steel: “Damage taken -10%”
Nimble: “Evasion +3%”
Sharp: “Crit +3%”

Coward: Even a little bit, it runs away because it is scared
Fearless(YOLO?): Never run away
Addict: When you drink potion, it makes a strange noise
Scared of hospital: scared whenever going to the infirmary
Ordinary: Just plain
Rude: Not implemented (no effect)
Naughty: Not implemented (no effect)
Internet troll: no effect

Fragile: Attack -10%
Slow: Movement speed -10%
Thickheaded: attack speed -10%
Stingy: sell inventory 20% more expensive
Dead weight: party abilities -5% in dungeons & coliseum
Baggy Eyes: Stamina consumed +20%
Overweight: Hunger consumption +20%
Pessimistic: Mood consumed +20%
Sluggish: Evasion -3%
Dull: Crit -3%
Laggard: Exp received is decreased (-10%?)

~ Ellysandra


Thank you for explaining the characteristics.

Oh my God… thanks… really needed that

Wow, I didnt know that. I thought they were just funny names. Thanks for explaining this!