How to evaluate stats from incoming hunters

you open the “hunters waiting” window and a bunch of nasty dudes comes out. who will you choose? click on one of them and start looking:

first you need to know that the stats are already modified by characteristic (the adjective before the hunter’s name), guild buffs, Dungeon Clearance buff, Building Buffs and Pet buffs, stat colour: i’ll address these as “static buffs”.

second thing to know is that stats behave in 3 ways: attack and defence have a base value, modified with a random number between -10% and +10% (someone confirm, pls). crit and evasion have a random base value of 3 or 4. attack speed has a fixed value given by the weapon.

third: the colour of the stat indicate a fixed buff to that stat. it looks to me as a fixed number, so, there is little to pay attention to: you want orange on -in order- att.speed, defense, attack, [crit, evasion, health, satiety: these 4 are equally useless]. im too lazy to make an exstensive explanation, but this is the rational: 1)all abilities scale with dps and lifesteal is the only thing keeping hunters alive, so dps comes first (but not crit, as it is not counted towards dps for the calculation of skills’ dmg). 2)all stats in late game are hard to stack becouse equips are crafted with random mods on them (so, you want your hunter to already have the stats coloured the way you need them to)

who to choose for your rooster now?

  1. click on the “ban all hunters below superior” button. to hell normies
  2. order hunters by dps.
  3. check the best avaible hunter by colour distribution of want the best buffs on att.speed, def and attack.

more suggestions:

  1. disregard all but berserkers untill lategame: you can have them run almost naked and still rekt everything. other classes needs good equip and levels in their skills to even start doing something. they are so good you are better off with normal/rare tier bersekers rather than heroic tier archer/warlock/paladins
  2. paladins are really bad (they are designed in a way that works against them. hopefully they’ll be fixed sometime in the future). *
  3. hunters and warloks are equally bad, pick them only if they have perfect stats. they are needed for their aoes in the extreme late game
  4. superior hunters are easily worst than rare ones: confront their stats before changing one hunter for another. heroic quality is almost always better than rare and superior. legendary tier can be bad, check their stats.
  5. paladins are required for super lategame pvp. warlocks are required in super lategame for dungeon and pvp (for their aoe and maybe for the stun). archers are bad warlocks. **
    (it seems that health and non combat stats behave like attack and defense, but they have almost no utility and fluctuate so little that i didn t bother looking)

i’ll stick around for feedback

*paladins sucks becouse of a lot of reasons: their aoe is limited to 3 close mobs (=low dps). they taunt stuff, but lacks att.speed and dmg to heal off lifesteal to sustain the dmg, and their shield leave them exposed half the time. basically they charge in,survive 8 seconds with bubble, use their aoe a second time and die. a berseker would instead charge in, dps down one mob at the time surviving off of their insane dps.
** warlocks and archers have a similar problem to paladins: their spiky dps makes them survive only in those 2 seconds they use a skill, while they get rekt all the rest of the time. warlocks survive a lot better than archers around mobs. in a “who sucks less” competition, warlocks would win against paladins and archers.