Guild Experience (GEXP)

How do I get GEXP? ~ Hamusa

So you already inside someone else guild or you already made one for yourself. But there’s something written at the bottom. That’s right, its GEXP.

What’s GEXP, GEXP used for a guild to lvling up, to get more slot, to get more buff, and the only way for a guild to having it its by donation. But how to get it?

There’s 2 way you can get them

  • Dungeon Raid = 1 GEXP (2 at Torment and 3 if you using Enchace Reward)
  • Boss = 10 GEXP

The maximum GEXP you can donate to your guild is 100, but there’s a way to donate more than that. That’s when your donation already reach 100, use your free daily 20 GEXP, after that, boom…120… yes… it’s bug or nah?? Who knows.

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I think darkness also give Gexp?

the_darkness (the new mode) gives 10 on normal and 30 on improved rewards ON THE START OF THE EVENT, while other methods give the GEXP at the end.

if you are in an hurry, you can start and close multiple istances of the_darkness to get your max GEXP