Gearing & Team optimization

Gearing & Team optimization

Later stages of dungeons are all really intense, taking tens of minutes to even complete one. As such, there are certain things you can do to facilitate faster/more successful runs

a) Max your gears! If you are in primal, +20 them! Enhancement stones are very common and you just need to stockpile a bunch and make sure all 5 heroes you’ll be using have +20 . The HP, defence, attack bonuses are super important

b) Use dungeon power ups! Use all 3 of the power up items, which you can get by trading in elementals. You need this a lot of later dungeons.

c) be in second class advancement! The class advancements help so much in clearing. Also, have at least one blizzard sorcerer as you need the AOE and debuff

d) characteristics are super important. Make sure you have one hunter with charismatic , as it gives a 5% buff to all members. The rest should ideal have DPS or def oriented traits, such as heroic, man of steel, sharp, strong, nimble etc

e) virtue virtue virtue! This is so important. Other than your tank, everyone needs to be in full justice

~ honeyjellylemonbunny