Class specialization

every class has the chance of specializing in a secondary class (they just get a third ability) after getting to lvl 100 during the 5th rebirth.

berserk: dual weapon gives a lot of additional attack for each attack. always pick this one unless you have some build in mind for pvp.

range: rain fall is king, always. there is an argument for sniping, but if you really want a cc, you should opt for warlock’s stone curse, which lasts more than twice more. stacking aoe is needed for higher levels of the_darkness, so, just start speccing in rain fall.

warlock: blizzard is broken: a truckload of aoedmg and a strong debuff. the debuff only lasts for the animation duration (0.3secs). they also have the best cc but i cannot tell how many there should be if at all. definitely a consideration for pvp.

paladin: paladins sucks hard,again: blessing is complete garbage unless you are a whale in pvp and even then, never more than one paladin with it. just pick silver weapon and cry in despair: is says that it gives you x% more attack but it does not change the dps tooltip. is gives you an improved attack on each holy light, but it doesn t work with the second hit given by god’s fury weapon.