Catch and report hackers here

There’s lots of discussion about unfair play, and how it is affecting everyone’s chances in PVP.

I believe if we were to come together and post screenshots in here, we’d be able to report them collectively as a group and it might make it easier on the Developers.

You can very easily register for the forum, and just attach the screenshots to this topic as a post, and it’ll help the developers catch the cheaters. The more screenshots and information, the better.

You might wonder how is this going to make a difference? Well it will make things more organized for the official staff members of Evil Hunter Tycoon to track and penalize the unruly players. They have a lot on their hands currently with the new release of PVP and giving them easy visual proof will assist them in the process.

By doing this as a team, we can all benefit from everyone’s efforts to make the game fair for everyone.