Attack Speed Formula

Attack Speed Formula
Easy Way ~

This gonna be hard, but please stay with me. To reach to the max attack speed you must know the formula first and this is the formula:

(Weapon AS)(1 - (Total % AS Buff)):(Qx)=Hunter Attack Speed

AS : Attack Speed
Total % AS Buff : % Buff can you get from
- Equipment Attribute (Check Details)
- Stats Color (Calculate Yourself)
- Characteristic (Calculate Yourself)
- Secret Book (Check Details)
- Guild Buff (Check Details)
Qx : Quicken Level

So for example,
A Ranger with Trueshot Bow with 2.10 as its basic Attack Speed, also 60% as Total % AS Buff, and Quiken Traits at Lv 4.

(2.10)(1-(0.60))/1.4 = 0.6 Attack Speed

If in the end the calculated hunter attack speed below 0.25 (like 0.23 for example), the system will make it goes to 0.25.

credits: KORHari

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